ALLAN WHEELER, majored in history but spent his working career in the world of business- in the early 1960’s being a teacher did not pay enough to support a growing family. It was only when the author retired in 1993, to Santa Fe New Mexico, that he could pursue his real interest, the history of the southwest.

Living in Santa Fe has allowed him to have diverse experiences many which support the day-to-day learning, writing and teaching of history. Mr. Wheeler has performed as an “extra” in a number of movies and TV commercials which are made at the two major movie ranches south of Santa Fe. He has also worked on a cattle ranch and become a proficient rider in order to experience that essential part of the western culture.

About ten years ago he became interested in applying his knowledge of especially Northern New Mexico history and cultures to teaching others about how the various peoples living in the area over the centuries developed and why the City of Santa Fe feels “different” ” from other places in the US.

He became a guide for the local “Historic Walks of Santa Fe” (see: historicwalksofsantafe.com) which provides tours of the historic parts of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico. During the past nine years he has explained the history and the many ghosts of the Santa Fe area to almost 5,000 visitors. He has also become a volunteer teacher of history at both public and private schools and colleges as well as at historical organizations throughout New Mexico.

Mr. Wheeler has been accredited by The New Mexico Humanities Council to perform Chautauqua-type, first person portrayals of the life of William Becknell the founder of the Santa Fe Trail. He makes his own period authentic costumes using materials and designs which are typical of those times. It was these interests and activities which led to the establishment of this web site.

He is also a national director of the Santa Fe Trail Association. The member- based Association works with the National Park Service to preserve, protect and to publicize the over 1,600 miles of the old commercial trail and its many alternative routes from Missouri to New Mexico.

It is the desire of the author to not only make history interesting to everyone but to present that history in an accurate, compelling and entertaining manner.


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  1. Katie G says:

    I am doing a history project on William Becknell and I was wondering if I could interview you. If you are willing to, please email me and we can set up a date to either call, email, or FaceTime. Thank you for considering.

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