“The presenter took on the character in a very convincing way…period dress, personal appearance, energetic voice and delivery. Q&A very good and informative. Knows … history well.NM Humanities Council Audition Committee

” Wheeler,as Becknell, told many amusing stories, corrected several misconceptions of his life, and answered audience questions, including some regarding the purposes of his clothing”Santa Fe Trail Ass’n.,  ANNUAL RENDEZVOUS

Enthralling us with tales of (ghosts) and other strange phenomena (Becknell) provided a colorful and unique view of the history of Santa Fe. We all enjoyed the experience.” – Santa Fe Trail Ass’n., End of Trail Chapter

“Wheeler played his role with lively and
engaging style
— telling “autobiographical”
stories from Becknell’s life and times…
stories and demonstrations were nicely designed
to hold the attention
of his (300+) student
and teacher audience.” Paul Suozzi,Programming & Marketing Mgr.
The Kimo Theatre, Albuquerque

Comments taken from some 80 reviews submitted by various lecture participants: “Expertly done. Mr. Wheeler’s ‘The Story of the Santa Fe Trail” brought to life the whole experience of a person who traveled that trail 150 years ago”. “… Especially enjoyed the pictures which were taken along the Trail and the descriptions of the dangers and hardships encountered“. “I now feel that I understand what the Trail was about“. “I am going to look into the Santa Fe Trail Association to learn more”. Renesan Institute For Life Long Learning (Formally associated with Elder Hostel), Santa Fe NM.


Allan Wheeler recently presented his first-person interpretation of William Becknell,to the community of Las Vegas, NM for
Fort Union National Monument’s October “Glimpses of the Past” program.
His interpretation of William Becknell provided the audience with a lively
 portrayal of not only Becknell’s exciting life, but also how a man of the
Missouri frontier dressed, spoke and lived in the early 19th century. This 
aided in a more accurate understanding of Santa Fe Traillife; it also dispelled some of the myths associated with life on the trail
as well as those associated with Becknell’s travels.

The audience came away from the experience with opportunities to develop an appreciation as to how difficult life was during that time in our
country’s history. They were also given opportunities to gain understanding as to
how and why the famous Santa Fe Trail came to be created.

Valerie Durán
Education Technician,

National Park Service

Fort Union National Monument
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Watrous, NM 87753
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