1. First-Person Presentation as William Becknell: detailing his life and exploits (Chautauqua first-person style – NM Humanities Council approved)
This is a forty-five minute presentation plus Q&A done in character and wearing a historically accurate costume. It covers Becknell’s exciting life in VA, MO, NM and TX from 1788 until his death in 1856.
Audience: Teens, Adults.
Suitable For: Conferences, History Classes, Corporate Events, etc.
Reservations: Allan Wheeler at – [email protected]

2. Guided Tour as the Spirit (ghost) of William Becknell: introducing visitors to the old Santa Fe downtown area through the characters who haunt the streets and historic buildings. Becknell appears in full costume to lead this weekly 1 1/2 hour “Ghostwalker” tour (bring cameras).
Audience: young to old
Suitable For: Families, Reunions, Small Conference Groups, “Ghost” Enthusiasts
Reservations through: Historic Walks of Santa Fe – 505-986-8388

3. For Kids (1st – 8th grades): a 30 to 45 minute “show and tell”, “gather around” presentation focusing upon how frontier people lived during the early 1800’s.
Discussion includes the clothing, living conditions, women’s experiences, the men’s challenges and much more. This talk can be tied to the required history curriculum being presented by the class teacher.
Reservations: contact Allan Wheeler at [email protected] or 505-984-8656

4. “The History of the Santa Fe Trail” – A Power Point/Keynote slide presentation designed to be viewed as a class or lecture at a prep school, advanced placement classes at any school, university history course or a history related symposium/convention environment. This slide presentation includes over 300 visuals. It covers every conceivable aspect of the Santa Fe Trail: background (before and after), founding, 58 year history, infrastructure, people, animals, wagons, challenges, economics, financial impact and cultural impact plus much more. The utilization of slides allows an in-depth visual look at the many aspects of the Trail as well as the landmarks and the scenery which it passed. Many charts and maps are included. The complete presentation is recommended for people with a mature interest in the “whole” story of the Trail- which has never been told before in one presentation or in one publication. The full presentation takes approximately four hours and can be done in two, two hour sessions. Contact: Allan Wheeler at: 505-984-8656

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