The above is a two minute segment of my up to 45 minute, first-person presentation of William Becknell’s life (1788 – 1856). He was a trader, militia captain, explorer, rancher, judge and state representative. He knew famous men of the period such as: Boone, Crocket, Houston, Santa Anna, Benton, Fremont and Carson. Emphasis is placed upon the events related to the founding of the Santa Fe Trail and the impact it had upon US history. These fact-based stories and entertaining dramatizations describe the adventure-filled life of a focal character of the American West, as well as the history, culture and geography of the area. The 30-45 minute talk is followed by a question and answer period.
The content and duration of the presentation is adjusted to the audience relative to age, education and interest areas. This is appropriate for general audiences (e.g.  churches, tours, fraternal orders, service groups, historical groups) and scholarly (e.g. college and university classes, grade school, middle school, high school).

To schedule a talk, please contact via email at: [email protected] or call 505-984-8656.